Thursday, January 3, 2008

Self Discovery

As I was tinkering with the blog today, fixing broken links and organizing the pictures, I realized how much I have always enjoyed photography. I always knew it, in fact we just bought a digital camera a couple of months ago because I was missing taking pictures after our 35mm died. But today I realized it wasn't just the friends and family pictures that I missed so much. It was the artistic photos! As I started looking in my pictures to see what else to add here, I realized what kind of pictures I had been taking. I have lots of animals (I love the challenge of trying to photograph them) sunrises, unusual sightings, stuff I just really love! I am so excited. I had forgotten. How can that be? How did I forget my love of photography. Thank you LORD for bringing it back to me!
Anyway, check out the pictures to the right under "My Photographs" I'll be adding more as I get through what is saved on our computer.

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