Friday, May 13, 2011

As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord

Finally made it to the printers yesterday to pick up the newest  prints. I was really excited about this one and can't wait to get into the framing room. I am going to cut the mats to follow the house shape with a chimney and all! Look for them to be listed in my Etsy Store next week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Signs and Wonders

Last week Rick and I were sitting outside the shop having coffe and enjoying the pretty day. The sun was shining full on and Rick noticed the rainbow. Well, no rain and no bow, but what else do you call it? Without sunglasses, you couldn't even look at it.

I went inside and got the camera. All I could do was just hold the camera up and hit the button a few times hoping I could get it all. The colors don't show up well nor could I get the whole circle in the frame, but it was there and beautiful.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The Bathroom was the first priority. And we HAD to have a claw foot tub. God provided it and Jose from our church came and plumbed for it, laid a new floor and ta da! We love it!

A new sink, an antique pie safe and an old mirror completed the necessities.

My dream kitchen had to be red and white. For months the floor stayed 1950's Pink tile. My wonderful husband has since given me a perfect black floor to bring it all together! I love my red kitchen!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Work Began

The reward for our obedience turned out to be the most awsome apartment we could ever ask for! Here we began working on the space in our building that was to become our new home. Some days it seemed like it just wasn't gonna happen. But Friends showed up and God supplied everything we needed and now we have lived here for over a year. It is more "home" than anywhere I've ever lived. Not ideal for some folks maybe, but absolutely perfect for us! Thank you Father God! We love it!

Want to see how it turned out?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Just Love This Song!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red is the color of the blood that flowed
Down the face of someone who loved us so
He's the perfect man, He's the Lord's own Son
He's the Lamb of God, He's the only one
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can make the love between us flow
Blue is the color of a heart so cold
That will not bend when the story's told
Of the love of God for a sinful race
Of the blood that flowed down Jesus' face
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can keep our hearts from growing cold
Gold is the color of the morning sun
That shines so freely on everyone
It's the sun above that keeps us warm
It's the Son of love that calms the storm
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can turn our mornings into gold
Brown is the color of the autumn leaves
When the winter comes to the barren trees
There is birth; There is death
There is a plan
And there's just one God
And there's just one Man
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can make our sins as white as snow
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can turn our mornings into gold
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can keep our hearts from growing cold
That can give us life, that can make us grow
That can make the love between us flow

Friday, May 30, 2008

Church Families, everyone needs one!

As you may or may not know, my hubbies youngest son is in the Marines, deployed to Afganistan right now. He is 18 years old and has known he wanted to be a marine for years. He left for boot camp just a few days after graduation in 2007. He turned 18 just a few days after boot camp graduation. He is an amazing young man and we miss him terribly. But we know that God is with him and trust Him to keep him safe.

At our church business meeting a couple of weeks ago, Theresa said God had put it on her heart that the church should adopt a soldier and she made the motion that it should be Christopher. Rick and I were speechless and teared up immediately. What do you say? How do you express gratitude for the kindness our Father shows? The motion passed unanimously.

This past Sunday, Rick and I were asked to make the morning announcements, including the decision to adopt Christopher. Rick asked if I would do that part. I was honored but not too confident that I was able to express the heartfelt thanks it deserved.

Christophers first care package from the church is being mailed next week. It's being filled by the congregation.

How very precious our church family is in so many ways. You should find yourself one if you don't have one. I am so very blessed that they have adopted Rick and I as well as Christopher.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is "Clarity". She was created during a time of learning to follow Gods leading. A lesson about priorities and focus and what He wanted me to do for Him. I love what He enabled me to do with these little things. They were just little pieces of junk, nothing by themselves, and yet came together to form something beautiful. I love her and what she represents to me. Clarity.

On another note today, I would like to introduce you to Angel.
She has a wonderful little Etsy shop and that special gift you know that I just love, she writes of the love of our God and His saving grace!
Below is a poem she wrote that touched my heart, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

What Kind
what kind of woman am I
just what kind should I be
I often really wonder
does my life belong to me
what kind of faith do I pursue
and what kind pursues me
I really should have answers
but do questions set me free
what kind of man would want me
or could bear to see my face
when morning after nightfall
I hide in past disgrace
what kind of men will my sons be
and my daughters will they crave
to seek for love but only find
the poor example their mother gave
what kind of path must I choose now
to keep my soul from death
must I love you with all my life
and still let you have the rest
what a kind and loving gentle God
I’m sure that you must be
for when I hand my life to you
grace comes right back to me
what a kind and gracious mercy you
have let fall on my heart
when I was in my deepest hour
you held up high my heart
what kind of woman am I
when I forget that you are there
even though you said when I obeyed
you made me an eternal heir
what kind of woman can I be
if I will just let you lead
and hold my heart in gentle mercy
as for my soul’s life you plead
AMCL copyright 2003:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some days I don't have so many words in my head. Today is one of them, so I thought I would just share one of my little creations. She's called "The Dragonfly Queen".
Most of my artwork is an expression of my faith, a lesson I've learned from God, or an attempt to share The Word. Something of that nature. But sometimes the whimsical child surfaces and this is what happens. I think that's ok with Him.

Friday, May 23, 2008


This entry is by far, the hardest to write. But I must share it.
For most of my life, cocker spaniels have evoked a sadness in me. I had relatives when I was growing up that had one. I remember him well. His name was Tuffy and he was the sweetest pup ever. I loved being at their house and playing with Tuffy.
I spent snow days from school at their house and lots of time during the summer. We would make homemade ice cream in the back yard, weed and harvest from the garden they kept and eat Mallow Cups. He let me play with his guitar and boy did I play well! Not! He taught me to play checkers too. They didn't have any children. So I was a great substitute. I tell you about these awesome memories now, but a few years ago I didn't remember them.
You see, he did something wrong. And my perfect little memories were gone. Covered by thoughts and memories no little girl should have. I won't go into details, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was also believed when I told, but in those days, you just didn't do much about it. I was never there alone again. Mom went to great lengths to protect me.
I was introduced to a man down the road that had horses and a niece my age. When my parents went to the relatives, I headed a few doors down to Franks house. He was a wonderful man. He took us horseback riding and taught us how to care for them. I gained wonderful memories to replace the lost ones. I was OK. I carried no scars. At least I didn't think I did.
I can see now how it affected me as I grew up. But I didn't know that there was a cold hard rock in my soul.
Just a couple of months after Rick and I gave our lives to Jesus, I was laying in bed one night praying and asking God to show me what I needed to do to be pleasing to Him. I wasn't a bad person but knew there must be something. There was. He asked me to forgive.
You gotta be kiddin' me! No way! I can't do that! Are you CRAZY!
Forgive him?! He's dead!and I'm glad and I hope it's really hot where he is! and it's been 30 years!!!! How do I forgive a dead man anyway?!
He wasn't kidding.
So, I began a journey of learning forgiveness.
Here are some of the things He placed for me:
"The journey of Christian forgiveness begins as a choice. It ends as a gift of God's grace."
"To forgive, you do not have to understand, accept or agree"
"Why forgive? for my own well being and inner peace"
I do not know who wrote them or remember where I found them. They came at different times and led me like sign posts along the way. I copied each of them down as I found them and they remain to this day on my desk and in my wallet.
I made the choice to try and forgive as God had asked.
I learned that forgiving didn't mean I had to say he was right to do what he did.
I was blessed when I was finally able to tell God with a true heart, that I had forgiven him.
When the forgiveness was finally in my heart, I was able to begin healing and as I healed, I began remembering things like I wrote in the beginning of this entry. Good things. And I cling to those alone. God cleansed me when I let forgiveness in my heart. Anger...... gone. Bitterness...... gone. Hatred...... gone.
That rock in my soul is gone. And Cocker Spaniels no longer make me sad, they make my heart sing!
Thank you God. I Love you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OK, so the Lord has been on me for a while now to write my testimony. This is probably the hardest thing in the world to write because there is so much to it. I find it quite difficult to express the awsomeness of Gods work and let me tell ya, he worked hard for me!

One of the hardest parts is where to start. The Holy Spirit says "At the beginning", but where exactly was the beginning. So much is clear now that I am amazed to say it all started before I knew it was beginning!

I'll start with about 2 years before we got saved. Rick (my wonderful hubby) and I were setting up at shows, flea markets, trade shows and places like that. Every weekend we were somewhere. As vendors, we spent the evenings with other vendors having dinner and talking shop. There was this one couple that did a lot of the same shows we did and at a flea market in Knoxville Tennessee, I had a life changing moment. I was talking with....let's call him Joe, and he was talking about how he didn't believe in God. How could God allow the things to happen that Joe had witnessed? What kind of god didn't stop it? He was angry and bitter and I was speechless. I truly, truly believed in God. But I had no answers for him. And I was so troubled by it for weeks and weeks.

Then crossroads happened. You can read about that here:

God was making me think. He was building up to something I was unaware of. He was gently showing me that I needed to know more about Him. He had more for me. I was not living the life He planned for me!

A year or so passed and during that time, I dug out a small little bible I'd had for years and began carrying it with me. I read it pretty often but was getting nowhere fast. It seemed like a different language that I could not understand. I didn't know I could have asked God to help me understand it. I didn't know a lot of things, but I knew something was missing.

I know some folks won't believe what I am about to say because it goes against everything God stands for. But I believe God put something in my husbands heart that made him loose hope. Or maybe the devil did it and God used it, I don't know, Rick would have to say. He was allowing us to dig ourselves into a hole until we had nowhere to turn except to HIM.

Rick started selling off inventory at a loss. We weren't making money anymore, just dumping product. For some strange reason, we opened a shop during this time. It was one of those "God moves" I guess. We were offered a building to rent from a friend at a deal we, being money hungry as we were, couldn't pass up......We only saw dollar signs. And the bills started piling up. Fast! I watched as the man I'd know for years who could wheel and deal and come out smelling like a rose, started making some really bad deals. I was helpless. And he was...different. He finally told me one day that for the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do. He was without hope. Worse than I knew at the time.

Along this same time he began leaving our shop and going to the pawn shop where he worked years ago. The owner, Bill, and he had remained friends over the years and Bill was now a Christian. Rick was drawn to him I believe and probably could not have stayed away had he tried. I don't know what all they talked about in those days. But some peace began to show on Ricks face. And then one day, Bill came to our shop and he talked to the both of us about God. Several times he came and he talked and he talked and my heart was screaming out, "MORE!" My spirit began an awakening. I can't tell you all that he said, and neither can he, but it was hope for us. Like food for a starving person, we couldn't get enough. There was something more that we didn't know and our hearts had softened to be able to take it in.

Bill invited us to attend church with him. And one Sunday we went. I never felt so out of place and nervous and scared. The devil did all his little tricks on us. That Sunday night we attended Ricks brothers church where he is a pastor. We had visited before, but nothing got through.
On this particular Sunday night though, an alter call was made and my husband stood up and headed to the front of the church. I remember grabbing his hand and thinking there was no way he was going without me! I didn't know exactly what was happening, but I knew the safest place for me was with him. I knelt on the alter next to the man I would have lived with in a cardboard box.

The pastor wasn't one to ask why folks are at the alter, but what a shock it must have been for him to see his brother on his knees praying.
He asked someone else first....I can't remember how he worded it, but it was tactful and not intrusive. And then he looked at his brother. And Rick gave his life to the Lord. And me too, I wasn't about to let him give up everything without me! He poured his heart out on that alter. I would have followed my husband into a snake pit, but this was no snake pit. This was RIGHT! This was a chance to start all over again WITH THE DIRECTIONS! This is where my soul wanted to go! Jesus was accepted and invited into our hearts.

We gave Him everything, including our business that we had made a mess of. And so, we began seeking the Lord. If the doors to that church were open, we were there. And we sat in our quiet little shop all day, with no customers and the bills piling up and the law suits starting and our van being repossessed and we read our bibles and talked about God. All day long. And the peace that came with every word we read was indescribable. The world was falling apart around us and everything that we had thought was important was slipping from our hands. Our new little shop was dying.

There were days that if we had not sold something, we didn't have the gas to drive home nor would we have anything to eat that night. We really thought we had to close the shop and go get jobs. I had even gone and put in some applications and strangely, jobs I was perfectly qualified for were denied!? (another God move) And I can't tell you how many times he headed out the door to put a "going out of business" sign out front. And each time he headed out, a customer would come in. I'm serious, right at that second! And each time, God made it clear, it was His business and we should do as He said. The customer would spend just enough to pay for food and gas for a day. So we obeyed. Not willingly I might add. But we obeyed. We were learning trust, faith, and patience.

But the time came when we just couldn't pay rent on a home and a business. Something had to go and if God wasn't going to let us close the shop, that only left one other choice....our home? Sounded pretty crazy to us too. But after much prayer and discussion , we began selling our furniture. And stuff. And more stuff. Everything else, we stored in one of the offices in our shop. The other office held our bed and a TV and our clothes. Snug as bugs in a rug. But no kitchen or bathtub or washer and dryer. A hotplate and microwave did the trick and I cut my long hair off so I could wash it in the sink and went to the laundry mat once a week. Our outside, long haired, dog got shaved and became an indoor dog and is so happy! We used a Rubbermaid container to take a bath in.

And there we stayed for 1 year and 7 months. In that year and seven months we grew at a tremendous speed. We trusted, we learned, we studied, we obeyed, we held our faith like it was life itself. I am thankful that we were obedient. I am thankful that we learned the ways of God. I am thankful that we grew together. I am thankful that God was patient with us and led us down the paths he did. I can't say it was easy. In fact it was quite difficult. But it was all worth it. Worth every second.

God blessed us. The debt we had dug ourselves into He was able to guide us through paying it all off in a year and a half. We could never have done it without HIM. I love our life now. We are living in a house again. Been there about 4 months now. It's more that we even asked for and we love it. Cooking and soaking in a hot bath are not things to take for granted!

And God's little shop? It's still here and doing fine. Rick works for Bill and loves it. He is here every morning and evening and on his days off. God sends lost folks here on occasion for us to share the word with. He has used His shop many times in ways we would never have dreamed up. We have been blessed. And we strive to bless others with the knowledge of He who blessed us. The trip through this life is good with God leading the way.

Footnote added May 23, 2008
As I was falling asleep the night I posted this, several things came to mind that I'd failed to mention. During the time we were sitting in shop and feeding like hungry wolves on The Word, law suits that had begun against us for failure to pay "mysteriously" stopped. Bill collectors stopped calling. Everyone suddenly became very willing to wait for payment and work out payment arrangements. That was God, no doubt in my mind about it.

And I also want to take this moment to honor my husband. He led the way. He instantly became the spiritual leader of our home . I can't tell you how much I have always loved this man. And I still cannot tell you how much more I love him now. I thank God daily for him. God knew He could use my love for Rick to get me. I sat for an entire morning in our church, alone with God struggling to give Rick to Him. God had to work pretty hard on me to get me to realize I had to love HIM more than Rick. But that is another days entry. God bless! Amber

My Hero was left out

The front of our chuch. I Love the crosses hidden over the glass. What a great design.

Some months back I wrote about God entering my life and showing me the "Crossroads". I was entering an art piece in Somerset Studio Magazine under the challenge "Heroes".

Jesus is my greatest hero and I created a piece to enter for publication. I was prepared for it to not be published. We prayed over the package at church and asked that it touch the heart of whoever God would use it for. That was enough for me. But I did look so forward to seeing the ones dipicting Jesus chosen for publication. I expected the usual Superman, Wonder Woman, writers, scientists and the like, but felt confident that something representing the greatest hero known to mankind would make publication.

He didn't. Not one artist creation about Jesus made it to print. How sad. Now, don't get me wrong, I love this magazine and will say nothing bad about them and will continue to purchase that wonderful magazine. But I have to wonder, how many entries represented HIM? Surely there were more than just mine ?!

I went to CAST with a heavy heart. And Kelli made a good point, that His absence may have spoken pretty loudly.

But during the conversation, I decided to issue the challenge myself. All you Somerset Studio lovers that created a work of art depicting Jesus as your hero, here is a chance to get them all together. Send them to me. I'll post them here or if there are many, I will create a new blog just for our hero! Add a link in the comments section or email me at

I would like to also add here that I have not yet recieved my artwork back. Another issue perhaps? Or maybe it's just not finished doing the work the Lord had for it ;0)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look and see....with your eyes closed

Sometimes, we just have to take a close look and see what we are doing. I have felt so out of sorts lately. Amazingly happy and blessed beyond belief, but unable to feel any sense of accomplishment. There are just so many directions to go, all of them appealing. But I was not getting very far down each path before turning back and heading down another one. Easily distracted you could say. That make sense?
So, yesterday afternoon I snagged a couple of hours, poured a glass of cold lemonade, grabbed the camera and headed for the deck. I forced myself to clear my mind and asked the Lord for some of His peace. Which He granted.
Within moments, I discovered all I needed was to be still and spend some extra special time with Him. I layed my head back, closed my eyes and snuggled up and He was there. Here are the simple thoughts that brought tears of joy to my eyes as I felt His presense and His love surround me.
I can't see you, but I know you are here.
I can smell you.
I smell you in the coming rain and in the flowers and trees that are around me.
I feel you.
I feel you in the cool breeze blowing through my hair and in the warm sun upon my face.
I hear you.
I hear you making music with the leaves in the trees and in the birds you send to comfort me.
I can't see you with my eyes, but I see you and I'm so glad you are here with me.
Thank you Lord and I Love you too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I have negleted you my precious blog! I listen to your beautiful music everyday as I am working, but no new entries. I'm sorry, please forgive me!

This is my son Michael and my grandson Kai (like sigh). I just love this photo. My baby all grown up with his own baby. I miss him terribly and I've never even seen Kai or held him in my arms. They live on the west coast and I'm in Tennessee. I'm praying for God to bless us this summer with the finances to fly out there and see them. They are the only thing in this world that could get me on an airplane! I can't wait to see them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Inspired by God

Photo By Amber Skeeters Poem By Vanita Hindsley Sisters in Christ

Reflections of the past

seem to lead us round the bend

Heading for the future,

guided by an unseen hand.

In a shining piece of metal

past, present, and future reside.

Where we have been, who we are,

and where we will go are inside.

God's guidance makes us wiser

as we enter unknown lands

In the rearview we will find

never alone did we stand

He's always watching over

every path we travel down

and when going the wrong direction,

He will help to turn us around

A reflection of my Savior

in silver to someday see

is what I trust and pray

will be looking back at me.

Copyright 2008 Vanita Hindsley and Amber Skeeters

I took this photo on a little one lane road, someone had placed the mirror there so they could see what was coming around the corner.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Don't know what this is all about yet. But God told me to put it here. Don't know if it's for me or someone else. Let me know what it brings to your mind.
"Why does something have to happen before you do anything?"
I think that's how He put it. Kept waking me up last night!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Light In The Darkness

"A Light In The Darkness"
Inspired by GOD
Photo by Amber Skeeters
Poem by Vanita Hindsley
Sisters in Christ and Children of God

Through darkness, sorrow, guilt, and shame
and many fears that had no name
My hopes and dreams had all but shattered
getting through each day was all that mattered

In downward spiral my life seemed to spin
hopeless and helpless, when would it end
My fault, My fault, screamed in my head
no rest or peace as I lay on my bed

But light crept in from time to time
and started to reach my tormented mind
His love began to prod at me
a rescue from that stormy sea

I've already beaten him my Savior reminded
though for some time he's had you blinded
Take the shelter I've offered to you
call on Me I'll see you through

Each day is now brighter with His shining light
my future secure in His strength and might
my hope in Him has no end in sight

By Vanita Hindsley
It doesn't show up well on the screen, but in the window to the left is a portrait of Jesus, praying.
Copyright 2008 Vanita Hindsley and Amber Skeeters

Monday, January 28, 2008

Following THE leader, together

" Scars"
Inspired by GOD
Photo by Amber Skeeters
Poem by Vanita Hindsley
Children of GOD and Best Friends

We all leave marks with our words and actions,
some happy or sad, of sorrow and satisfaction.

Traces left as we travel through this life,
many created from love and strife.

Remnants of words, written and spoken,
can lift us up or leave us broken.

From the least of us to the greatest, we all leave a mark,
if only on the face of this elderly bark.

Scars are there forever to see
in the way they shape each personality.

Copyright 2008 Vanita Hindsley and Amber Skeeters
We hope you enjoy this collaboration of gifts. God has a purpose for this. My love of photography and my best friends love of writing united together to share lifes lessons.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Where I've Been

I am just about to bust with love and peace and joy and thankfulness. Last time I was here, I shared with you the opening of my new etsy store. Today I would like to share with you my experiences there the last couple of weeks. Not only has my store opened and received lots of traffic, I made my first sale. Not the artwork as hoped, but a sale none the less. My friends know I just love stuff of all kinds and love to sell it in my store and now on Etsy too. But what I really wanted to share with you is my experience as a buyer. Etsy is a whole new thing, and yet feels like a thing from the past. Let me explain. Once you become familiar with how it works, you step into a shop you pick by the name or contents or color or whatever attracts you and you realize you've stepped into another place and time. A time when you were greeted by the merchant and and you are surrounded by things that grab your attention. Things made with love and attention to detail. Things that inspire you. Things that make you feel all is well in the simple life. Things that make you realize what we can do and how we can live. A step back in time when men and women made things to sell and trade. Pretty things, useful things.
I don't know if anyone else has the same experience as I have. But I know that I have met some pretty nice people that I'd like you to meet.
My first purchase was from
You can hear the kindness in her descriptions and in her conversations. Don't you like to buy from someone who is polite and friendly and happy to help you? Not gonna find that in wallyworld. Then yesterday I "met"
She too was like talking to a neighbor! (Pray for her, she's recovering from surgery : )
I guess what I'm trying to say is SHOP ETSY! It's a whole new/old experience. If you are going to buy a gift or want something unique, Why not buy from the good old independant shopkeeper?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Etsy Store Now Open!

If you have never been to Etsy, you are in for a real treat! Etsy is a market place, not an auction site, where artists and craftspeople of every kind from around the world set up unique specialty shops you are just going to adore! I hear so many people complain about not being able to find unique shops anymore...well, here they all are, packed into one place. So browse around till your heart is content. Have a look at my new shop when you click on the link below and then be sure to look around at the rest of the shops. Try clicking my Favorites to see the wonderful artists I have found so far. Why buy "made in china" when you can by handmade! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Self Discovery

As I was tinkering with the blog today, fixing broken links and organizing the pictures, I realized how much I have always enjoyed photography. I always knew it, in fact we just bought a digital camera a couple of months ago because I was missing taking pictures after our 35mm died. But today I realized it wasn't just the friends and family pictures that I missed so much. It was the artistic photos! As I started looking in my pictures to see what else to add here, I realized what kind of pictures I had been taking. I have lots of animals (I love the challenge of trying to photograph them) sunrises, unusual sightings, stuff I just really love! I am so excited. I had forgotten. How can that be? How did I forget my love of photography. Thank you LORD for bringing it back to me!
Anyway, check out the pictures to the right under "My Photographs" I'll be adding more as I get through what is saved on our computer.

Monday, December 24, 2007

CHRISTmas Eve Day

Well, the orders are completed and picked up. The store is quiet for the moment. I have one more customer coming to pick up an antique glider at 1:00 and that leaves me with a few free minutes to post unless a customer comes in.
I am sooooo excited. First the Lord introduces me to Somerset Studio Magazine. That was true love! Then I found ClothPaperScissors . I learned I am not the only one doing what I do and I discovered so many wonderful techniques and artists and ideas. Oh My! There is a whole world out there that I fit into perfectly. I didn't think it could get any better.
But I have now learned that there are "Artist Challenge" sites. Each week, a challenge is issued......

OK. Let's try this again. I started this post Christmas Eve day and now it's the day after Christmas. Our store was blessed! Last year we sold nothing on Christmas Eve!
So, where was I? Oh yes. I had no idea those magazines even existed until this summer. I was so excited (and obsessed!) Then while surfing other blogs, I learned there are artist challenges. Each week someone issues a challenge with a word or phrase or something and you create a piece of art expressing it. I decided to take it a step further by challenging myself to see it I could take each challenge and bring Jesus into it. I was a bit worried after visiting the site and looking over all the past challenges but had decided to try. THEN, God led me to SALT. The challenges are ALREADY FOR HIM!
I'm am soooo there! I think the next challenge is issued THIS Friday. I can't wait.
So look for my future Salt results! If I have the time I think I'll still try to do the other one too, after all the word is CHALLENGE right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I thought I would share this with you. My Dad sent the link to me in an email. I had a similar design in mind for a piece of artwork, but this outdoes my idea! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The ultimate invitation!

Monday, December 17, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. But I've been thinking about writers and the words they find to truly get a message across. God Himself used words as well as His creations to make Himself known and seen. But today I'm impressed by writers. How do you do it?! I have tried 3 times to express in words what this photo is making me feel and each time I find that I cannot do it justice. So today my gratitude goes out to writers, writers of song lyrics and books and poetry, the written word. I love to read and find pure amazement in that ability.

To me this photo of the sun rising brings to mind Faith, Trust and Love.

I know that the sun is about to top this mountain. I am counting on it. I depend on it and I am excited about it because I know it's going to happen any second.

That's how I feel about God. I know He is here with me. I depend on Him. I am excited to know that He loves me and has control of my life. And I know that He will do what is best for me.

I bring this to the blog today because it was on my heart. We are in retail and it's the last week before Christmas and I was allowing myself to get a little on edge about getting all the work done. We do picture framing in our shop as well as selling other kinds of things, glass, artwork, collectibles, gifts, things like that. I draw portraits too. The fear of not getting the orders done on time, supplies not getting here on time, all the things that could go wrong were worrying me. Not anymore. The Lord blessed us with the orders and I have faith He will help me see things through. As I know that the sun will rise, as I know that God is with me, all is well.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Christmas. And may we all remember the true reason for it.

Merrry CHRISTmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Heal The Wound
by Point of Grace
I used to wish that I could rewrite history
I used to dream that each mistake could be erased
Then I could just pretend
I never knew the me back then
I used to pray that you would take this shame away
Hide all the evidence of who I’ve been
But it’s the memory of the place you’ve brought me from
that keeps me on my knees even though I’m free
Heal the wound but leave the scar
A reminder of how merciful You are
I am broken, torn apart
Take the pieces of this heart
Heal the wound but leave the scar

Friday, December 7, 2007

Follow The Leader

Some days seem more inspired than others and I find myself lead to share this one.
I had such an organized plan for this blog! Oh well. I'll just follow "The Leader", after all, it's all for Him.
The other day, I took our camera's memory card to have all the photos saved to a disk for backup. I put it in the machine and all of our photos loaded up on the screen. As I stood there watching the familiar pictures pass before my eyes, I thought I saw something I'd not noticed before, but it was gone before I could be sure and then I forgot about it. Untill this morning when He reminded me to look.
In September, my husband and I and some dear friends headed to a cabin in Telico Plains for a long awaited vacation to clear our minds, bond with each other, praise God, and wallow in His glory and presence. It was perfect and it was beautiful! We were blessed in so many ways. We took our brand new camera with us to record the whole experience including 2 gorgeous sunrises. One was pretty but not so colorful. The other was extraordinarily colorful. God certainly showed His glory that morning! But I must admit I didn't look too close at the photos of the not so colorful one, but as I watched them come across that screen, I thought I saw something interesting. And now that I have had a chance to look at them closely I have confirmed what I thought I saw. I am now awestruck at the revelations. Want to know what's there in the photos?
First, let me share what I "see".
God is always there. He's there even when things are not so "colorful". He's there when things seem ordinary. He's there when things are difficult or even impossible. He's there even when we aren't thinking about Him.
He told me one time that by placing my life in His hands, He would have His hands in my life.
How can I not be aware of that at every moment?
Then He leaves a little reminder, like the photo, and speaks through it telling us that He is always there if we just look and trust Him.
Thank You Father, for showing me, for leading as you do, for revealing yourself in the ordinary.
O.K. Now, click on the picture above to get the larger image. Look in the forground at the largest tree. There, near the top is an image of the cross on a hill. It's visible in every photo I took that morning.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Photos of "Cross Roads"

The sketch from 2004.

"Cross Roads" in 3D
Closeup photos can be seen in the slide show to the right.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Todays Project

November 30 2007
On Monday I am mailing my art project as a submission to an art magazine that I discovered this summer. I need to write the article to accompany it. The devil has tried every lie to stop me. "Your art is not good enough, no one is going to understand what it's saying, you are wasting your time, you'll look like a fool." He has put every obstacle in my way. He tries so hard to confuse me. The Bible says: "I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me-the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace" Act 20:24.
He gave that to me at the beginning of this project. I've had to read it nearly every day. The Lord has directed this and I pray I haven't let Him down. I pray I didn't let the devil in in any way. There is so much I tried to pack into one project. Self doubt is such an evil trick to play on us. But he has lost. We won!(Jesus and I) The project is completed and the article written. Here goes.

"Cross Roads"
Bedford County Tennessee 2004
Like every other morning, I was driving to work on the same rural road I traveled every day and stopped at the four-way stop sign. On two corners, cornstalks grew right to the roads edge.
On another corner was a house. The last corner was empty but for the overgrown weeds and lone post from a long forgotten barbed wire fence. The post stood overgrown and nearly unseen with Queen Ann's Lace, tall grasses and the like. A sign was attached warning of underground cables or some such. Nothing that particularly caught your attention. But on this morning, as I looked both ways and saw nothing for miles, my attention was caught by this post and I saw it...shall we say...with opened eyes. I saw a signpost alright. But in my minds eye it had signs nailed on it pointing in different directions. The overall sight of it immediately made me think of a cross. And it even had 3 nails. I thought I had just come up with the perfect subject for a drawing. I couldn't wait to get home that evening and start sketching.
Now you have to know that I believed there was a God. I knew the story of Jesus. And I thought that I, being a pretty good person, would go to heaven. What I didn't know was that God Himself had just entered my life and introduced Himself in a way only He could. He was making me think. He was asking if I knew where I was going? He was giving me directions.
I know my Savior now. And my life is devoted to Him. I haven't shared the drawing with many, but He says it's time. He spoke to me through art and now asks that I use that art to speak of Him to others. Traveling through life with Jesus continues to be an amazing journey. What Jesus did for man is more than amazing and He is a perfect pattern for us. There could be no greater hero. He simply tries to make heroes of us.

Photo to be added soon

Thought Gathering

November 30, 2007
Today's entry is simply for me to gather my thoughts. It's out of the order I wanted to write in, but that's OK.
I am in a battle with the devil. As always, he is trying to get my mind confused and undermine my mission. I will win! Because "with Jesus, all things are possible." And what I am doing is for Him.
God speaks to me with vision. During prayer, God put in my heart three C's. I did not understand what He was saying to me for many months. Eventually, I realized He was saying "see", not the letter C.
He taught me the 3 kinds of seeing. The first two came easy. The 3rd, a bit harder to get, but simple to understand.
We see with our eyes of the flesh. We look, our brain registers what we are seeing and tells us what it is. We know. We see colors, shapes, dimensions, movement, etc. . You are reading this with your eyes of the flesh.
Then there is seeing with our minds. We form a vision of a thought, description or idea in our minds. An understanding. Notice people say "I see" when they understand what you are saying or describing. We describe something to a blind person and they have an understanding of what we are saying to them in their mind.
And then there's the 3rd way to see. It has taken months to truly understand it. I first came to realize it was seeing in the spirit, seeing like God sees. And then my pastor spoke God's words so that I finally saw. "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" That is seeing in the spirit. What we ask Him for, if we believe, is already done even if we don't see it manifested yet.
Flesh, mind and faith. The 3 C's I struggled to understand. So simple now, But I learned what He was saying and grew so close to Him in seeking His guidance.

Thoreau said, "The question is not what you look at, but what you see"

That being said, I find that there is yet more to be looked at. Being an artist, I tend to look for a deeper meaning in a piece of art. But your average person only sees the surface. Let's say you are looking at a painting of a train. It looks just like a train in every detail. It's beautifully painted with soft clouds in the sky and mountains and trees in the background. There's a train station off to the side with people all around. Nice to look at. But the artistic mind looks for more. What is the painting saying or expressing? Look closely in the crowd and you'll notice a man with a look of anguish on his face. What is he looking at? Notice also in the window of the train, the sad look on the face of the woman seated inside. There's a story in the painting. I don't know what it is, nor do I understand why I used a train for an example, so don't get too involved!
I want my artwork to speak volumes of Jesus on the surface as well as on a deeper level. I want it to tell the story to those who don't look for the deeper meaning. If I am looking at a piece of artwork and I can't get the meaning by studying it on my own, I want to know the story!
( I should write the story behind it to accompany each piece)
God gave us the Bible with the whole story in it. But sometimes we can't get it on our own. "Faith comes by hearing the word of God" hence, we go to church and hear our pastors teach it and speak it. That is how our faith grows. Then we see. You see?
I feel better. My mind is clear to complete my goal for the day.

P.S. Ever notice we say "In one ear and out the other" but we never say "In one eye and out the other" ? Hmmmmm post for another day.
God Bless

Friday, November 23, 2007

Explanation Of "Jewels From Junk"

November 23, 2007
Welcome to the very first entry in "Jewels From Junk"!
I should begin with an explanation of the title.
It is a combination of who I am and what I do.
Who I am: I am a Christian. God took the junk that I was and made me into a jewel. His jewel. He loves me and taught me to love myself and others.
What I do: I take the junk left by the world and create jewels in the form of art. This is my passion and also my purpose.

I have been amazed in my journey with Jesus. Questions answered, prayers answered and it will take many posts here to get it all out. And it does have to come out, here and in my art. I prayed for quite some time for God to tell me what my purpose was. I knew He had something for me to do for Him. "Everyone and everything has a purpose" He finally answered. Well, I already knew that! It took awhile to realize what He was telling me. He tends to tell me things that seem so simple on the surface, but that have a deeper meaning when I think on them a while. It brings us closer when I seek His guidance. What He was saying was, the "everything" was the junk I'd been hording for years just knowing I could do SOMETHING with it! My purpose is finally known!!!!!! ...................O.K. Now What??