Friday, February 8, 2008


Don't know what this is all about yet. But God told me to put it here. Don't know if it's for me or someone else. Let me know what it brings to your mind.
"Why does something have to happen before you do anything?"
I think that's how He put it. Kept waking me up last night!


Anonymous said...

Amber, you are so right... I have been pondering on that one also and mostly about my weight, I love food and I need to lose weight so bad not because of health but so I can stay healthy. I have 2 sweet little grandsons and the other day God told me that if I really want to do this then I should do it before I'm forced to do it. That really brought it to a prespective, why do we always wait till something happens before doing it! See you on Cast!

Amber said...

Hello Mary and all of you that contacted me in response to this question from God. I have been amazed by the response. Most are so personal they aren't posted here but know that God's quiet nudging has blessed many and quite possibly saved lives. Thank you to all who shared with me and may our Father who loves us most bless you in abundance till it overflows! Amber