Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Light In The Darkness

"A Light In The Darkness"
Inspired by GOD
Photo by Amber Skeeters
Poem by Vanita Hindsley
Sisters in Christ and Children of God

Through darkness, sorrow, guilt, and shame
and many fears that had no name
My hopes and dreams had all but shattered
getting through each day was all that mattered

In downward spiral my life seemed to spin
hopeless and helpless, when would it end
My fault, My fault, screamed in my head
no rest or peace as I lay on my bed

But light crept in from time to time
and started to reach my tormented mind
His love began to prod at me
a rescue from that stormy sea

I've already beaten him my Savior reminded
though for some time he's had you blinded
Take the shelter I've offered to you
call on Me I'll see you through

Each day is now brighter with His shining light
my future secure in His strength and might
my hope in Him has no end in sight

By Vanita Hindsley
It doesn't show up well on the screen, but in the window to the left is a portrait of Jesus, praying.
Copyright 2008 Vanita Hindsley and Amber Skeeters

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