Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Hero was left out

The front of our chuch. I Love the crosses hidden over the glass. What a great design.

Some months back I wrote about God entering my life and showing me the "Crossroads". I was entering an art piece in Somerset Studio Magazine under the challenge "Heroes".

Jesus is my greatest hero and I created a piece to enter for publication. I was prepared for it to not be published. We prayed over the package at church and asked that it touch the heart of whoever God would use it for. That was enough for me. But I did look so forward to seeing the ones dipicting Jesus chosen for publication. I expected the usual Superman, Wonder Woman, writers, scientists and the like, but felt confident that something representing the greatest hero known to mankind would make publication.

He didn't. Not one artist creation about Jesus made it to print. How sad. Now, don't get me wrong, I love this magazine and will say nothing bad about them and will continue to purchase that wonderful magazine. But I have to wonder, how many entries represented HIM? Surely there were more than just mine ?!

I went to CAST with a heavy heart. And Kelli made a good point, that His absence may have spoken pretty loudly.

But during the conversation, I decided to issue the challenge myself. All you Somerset Studio lovers that created a work of art depicting Jesus as your hero, here is a chance to get them all together. Send them to me. I'll post them here or if there are many, I will create a new blog just for our hero! Add a link in the comments section or email me at

I would like to also add here that I have not yet recieved my artwork back. Another issue perhaps? Or maybe it's just not finished doing the work the Lord had for it ;0)

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