Monday, January 28, 2008

Following THE leader, together

" Scars"
Inspired by GOD
Photo by Amber Skeeters
Poem by Vanita Hindsley
Children of GOD and Best Friends

We all leave marks with our words and actions,
some happy or sad, of sorrow and satisfaction.

Traces left as we travel through this life,
many created from love and strife.

Remnants of words, written and spoken,
can lift us up or leave us broken.

From the least of us to the greatest, we all leave a mark,
if only on the face of this elderly bark.

Scars are there forever to see
in the way they shape each personality.

Copyright 2008 Vanita Hindsley and Amber Skeeters
We hope you enjoy this collaboration of gifts. God has a purpose for this. My love of photography and my best friends love of writing united together to share lifes lessons.

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